Author Spotlight: Bella Settarra

Today I’ve got the lovely Bella Settarra visiting to talk about her Sirens and Sailors series. Her visit is just in time for the release of Sacrifices of the Siren. Get your copy today!


Just when Melantho is beginning to really enjoy life on the island with her beloved sailor, Blandon, she is visited by the evil elder Hermandine. The old lady manages to blackmail Melantho into leaving Refrainia to live a life of drudgery as her servant on the mainland. When Hermandine and Solon mistreat and abuse the poor girl to the extent that she becomes severely ill, Blandon and Dr. Jay discover the secret she has been hiding for the past three years. As Melantho battles with her health and her miserable past, Blandon showers her with love and strength. Eventually it seems that she can face her future by resolving the past, but when Hermandine reveals an ancient law of Refrainia Melantho has to decide whether to sacrifice her past once again, or forgo her future on the island with Blandon.

Rather than doing the ‘same old, same old’, author bio and naughty excerpts we decided to spice things up a bit.


SIRENS AND SAILORS” – 10 Facts about the Series

  • Sirens and Sailors” was created when I attempted to write a short story centred around the seaside.
  • Girls from Refrainia have Greek names, while characters from Westland have Hebrew names and those from Eastland are Basque.

  • I changed the original name of the island, Anthemoessa, to ‘Refrainia’ – ‘refrain’ referring to the piece of music (Sirens are musical), and also because the sailors should ‘refrain’ from going there.

  • I chose all of the characters’ names based on their meanings, ie. Amaranda means ‘flowery’, Melantho means ‘serving girl’, Kalliope means ‘beautiful voice’. (I intend to post a full list of the names and their meanings on my blog shortly,

  • The idea of the world only having two main continents with a few islands in between them was how I actually thought the earth was made up when I was very young.

  • Some of the scenes actually made me cry while I was writing them! (Some parts of ‘Ménage of the Siren’ and ‘Sacrifices of the Siren’ especially.)

  • The cover of ‘Sacrifices of the Siren’ (book #6) was one of the options I was given for ‘Last of the Sirens’ (book #1) – I loved both images and pleaded with Siren to let me use both!

  • Hermandine, the cruel leader of the elders, is based on someone I used to know!

  • Submission of the Siren’ and ‘Ménage of the Siren’ both got into the Top 5 Bestsellers for their category with Siren Publications.

  • The Big House’ on Refrainia, although self-explanatory, being the biggest house on the island, is also a Celtic term meaning a prison. Melantho was virtually imprisoned there when she had to work for Hermandine in the first book, ‘Last of the Sirens’. (When she went back to work there for the Dr. Jay and Farris, however, it was of her own free will and the whole house had been changed by then.)

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